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Please use this page to login, register or submit a support ticket. If you are submitting a support ticket, please be sure to give us a good email address. Once you fill out the support form, a few things will happen.

  • Once you submit the ticket you will receive and email from HeleMarketing Support Team telling you that we have received your support request. You do not have to reply to this ticket.
  • Within 12 to 24 hours someone from our support team will send you another email advising you of the status of your ticket. This will start a conversation back and  forth between you and our support team. (NOTE** After getting your first reply, you can follow your ticket status in one of 2 ways. (1. Through your email, 2. (Preferred Method) You can login to the website and click on “My Tickets” from the top, right menu and the conversation will be there when you click on the ticket link.) This is the preferred method because you don’t have to worry about emails getting lost, going in spam folder, or accidentally deleting them, and they will always be there in case you need to refer back to them  in the future. Check your ticket status frequently and if you have any trouble with the ticket system, please send us an email to